An Introduction

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http://tlbanks.weebly.com20141109_125217-1[1]Whether it be fantasy or reality or something dirty in between~

It is a reflection of me

And you.


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Vintage post party

Until my big birthday arrives ( I will be 40 in September) I am going back to the beginning of DDD and posting some Vintage pieces for you to enjoy!



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Relive some of my first published work with me and share the blog with others!


Horny Pretoria Black Mama

She wears suits
She speaks the Queen’s English
She stands 5’9
She wears glasses
She has a leather briefcase with briefs in it
She is always on time
She smiles through crimson lips
She waits for nothing
She kills for hire
You can’t afford it
Cut the fat off and use it to clean the grill
She has two degrees from prestigious institutions
She does not wear panty hose
She does not wear costume hair
She has a parking pass, like the executives do
But for some reason
She still loves you
broke ass you
game playing you
Momma’s basement you
Dirty backseat you
Nothing but sunshine and flip flops you
Because what she has
More than anything else
Is low self esteem.


Closer to god

I stand here naked
In my ugliness
open only for you to see
the revolting parts of me
Which you seem to find exciting
Because like me, you are ugly too
Sore, and broken, and bruised
And tired
So very tired
Of everything on TV
portraying fallacies we are supposed to believe
Keep your dirty eyes on me
All of that is nothing but dreaming
But I am right here
waiting for more of what I am used to
The vex that comes along with
loving a thing like you