I dunno but, пьяный.

I won’t remember this
because I am so silky smooth out of my mind right now
I won’t remember this
cause that dude with the khaki camo
gave us a joint to smoke together
and the lights were out on the other side of the street
cause that is how life is, someone is up
while someone on the other side of the teeter totter
is down
And Nicole or Nikki thought she was such a good
fucking singer and even gave us her musical resume
but when she got on the mic
she embarrassed Mozart and Taylor Swift
but just know I won’t remember this
and I guarantee I’m gonna read this and go what the fuck?
I’ma be like why did you let me have jager shots?
I’ma be all oooh look at me I am all innocent
and I sing terribly when I know good and fucking well
I’m fucking amazing at whatever I set my mind to
And I won’t remember this but I hope that when  I do
I see that I said nice things about myself, which I never do
I see that I think that I am worth living with, I’m worth loving
I’m worth listening to I’m worth looking at
And remember this? Impossible, but still, right here
at this moment, I couldn’t be more proud of you
More happy to be alive, more un-jealous of others

Thank you. And in case I forget, how much fun we had when I am being the head nigga in charge, when I’m stressed, or crying or worried or feeling bad….this, tell me to read this and then tell me to shut up.



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