The only things with no hoe tendencies
No malleability, full invincibility
are the truth and death
which is the same thing because
Vacations are a lie
the truth will shut down illusion’s dealings
Fat free is a lie
death doesn’t feel your feelings
Selfies are a lie
the truth will cascade over and make it cease
Affection is a lie
death is the end of what gives you peace
Flavor is a lie
the truth does not require your attention it just is
I love you is a lie
death will never wear or rock just hers or just his
Money is a lie
everything else, me them, us and you
cellphones, bell tones, hostages, heathens and The Louvre
kisses and sweet talk and paper and cushions
racetracks and opposites and oregano and ambitions
are trying to be one of two holy things
things with no hoe tendencies
the truth, which it will never be
or your fade into death all encompassing
truth of the matter is you don’t have to believe me
death is going to win against every single living thing
because truth and death are the only cling

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