A Bella Donna Says…

One thought on “A Bella Donna Says…”

  1. Whats wrong with men? The problem with men is they believe that women suppose to be there for their every beck and call. Women are suppose to (cook, clean, take care of the children, make sure the bills are paid, nurse them when their sick, have sex with them whenever they ONLY want too, etc). Whats wrong with men? If his lady does NOT accomplish any of these tasks at hand, then he feels obligated to go out into the world and find a women who will. For men, they feel its ok to flirt and have sex with other women, not caring about the strong ones they already have. Men would jump on a women if she shows interest (Even if she knows he is in a relationship.) Instead of him being a man and saying “Sorry I’m in a relastionship/I have a wife”. Men feel that women would never know that he is out and about. REAL WOMEN have this thing called “Intuition” and we live by it. When something isnt right with our men, we know about it, whether if it wakes us up in the middle of the night or it hits us in the mid-day. Men for some reason feel it is ok to break down our spirits while we are uplift theirs. I feel men need to take a class on women, how we feel, the things we go through, just in plain how to take care of us and treat us like the “Queens” we are.

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