Okay, You Trippin’ What is DMUK?


People love good music.

People love The Beatles.

People Love U2.

DMUK is the greatest band behind The Beatles and U2.

People love DMUK.

DMUK has two members, Whiskey Dick and the Beer Goggles, known in the music world by his band name, Iron MumRah-the Ice God. Mumz makes magic melodies out of missing moments masked by morbid thoughts of megalomania.

The other member is of the band is pussy poppin Pixie Lorraine Prince, AKA, Phenom Bomb-the Ninja Marine. She is the female version of James Bond on the Mic and she takes no prisoners, ever cause to quote her, “They ain’t worth shit”.

DMUK stands for Drunkkyn Munkyz UK, if you are unlearned.

Neither member of the band is from the United Kingdom. That would be WACK.

They are, Let me rephrase, We are- So Hard that we can claim a whole other country we ain’t never been to. WORD.

The band was born in the board room of a bored womb of a bank in 2004.

For a while, the band broke up off some bull shit cause the band members thought that since our shit was so cosmically tight that it only made sense to fall in love with our own reflections in each other. In an article, Phenom was quoted as commenting, “We was on some narcissism shit heavy but I mean, if you met us, you’d see why. When you high, you stay high. Do whatever you can to not meet us, so you don’t get sucked into the magnetic void.”

Mumz explained to the media in these words: “Fortunately because we are both children of the Force- in time we realized that the Wonder Twins work better when we form the shape of spontaneous combustion, cooking pancakes on the back of ecstasy looming over the earth like the consciousness of the mighty OHM.” WORD.

Whiskey, hesitant to to jump back into the fray was inspired by the scribbly motivation of his girl, Phenom  who grinds so hard her teeth mirror that of Nosferatu-and took his role again at the helm of the starship and started making beautiful music again, as he was so designed by Quantum Physics, Bitch.

The neck, following the head, Phenom opened her arms to the possibility of reviving the greatness of their former group because she refuses to hang on to any John Lennon/Stevie Nicks complications cause the power is always in the cadence.


They’re back AMERICA-to snatch the charts and hearts of your daughters all over again.

Lock your doors.


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