The Alter Ego

So this is what I look like: Nerdy. Curvy. And Dirty.

And this is what Pixie Prince looks like ( in my head)


3 thoughts on “The Alter Ego

  1. Hey, you’re adorable! I was reading your Forgiveness: The Short Story and imagining some scary as hell, mean looking woman, but I guess that’s just a testament to your writing skill! You’ll probably think I’m “pretty, young, white and blonde. Spoiled. Rich. Sheltered”. Not so young. 38. Not rich or spoiled, but probably guilty as charged to the rest of it. But I’m married to a Pakistani born and raised Muslim, and I grew up in Africa and Hong Kong, so I’m not your typical white girl. Your blog’s cool. Hey, what word are people using these days? I’m sure it’s not “cool” anymore.

    1. Your honesty about yourself is refreshing, thank you for sharing. I may not be white but I’m a shy midwestern lady with a strict religious background… very grateful to have writing and my character, Pixie to live through.
      BTW, I’m no spring chicken either. I’m 37 which is just young enough to keep getting away with murder and just old enough to not give a shit what anyone thinks.
      Honestly I don’t know if the kids still say cool or not. But I think we should bring it back into vogue, don’t you?

      1. How nice to have an Alter. That’s kind of like the “Shadow” archetype concept. That dark side of our character that needs to come out sometimes. Mine isn’t locked up; she’s free to come and go. Might be easier though to just give her a different name and let her go nuts! LOL. Yes, I like the word “cool”. We should bring it back! 🙂

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