Who the hell is Pixie Prince?

Where did I come up with this character, Pixie Prince and what’s the point?

When I was growing up I was told that my mother’s nick name was Pixie. And I was also told that she hated that name. I wanted to call her that so badly but I didn’t want to get popped in the mouth. People used to pop their kids in the mouth back then. I became Pixie whenever I was afraid. Here’s the thing- anyone who knows me would say I ain’t scared of shit. I cultivated that response in them. I’m actually afraid of everything. So over the years when I couldn’t handle something, or I wanted to do something crazy and reckless, I created my own personal Tyler Durden to do all the fun things, all the crazy things, all the dirty things the Midwesterner in me, the nerdy broad in me was afraid to do. For a while I called her Monica, and Sasha. But then there are a lot of Monicas and Sashas. I was even Salsa for a while. I only know two kinds of Pixies, that cartoon mean ass fairy and my mom…but don’t tell her I said that.

I’ve been chronicling exploits and adventures for around 14 years now and since I love writing I figured it was time to do something with them. There is enough room in the universe for all of our stories. So I decided to share Pixie’s stories. I chose the last name Prince because well I like the musician who goes by the same name and I think he is a freak. Who can be that short and that feminine looking and still be one of the most desirable musicians to women in the world? What he does is magic. He’s a fucking tiny little dwarf rock star and he is cool as hell. It’s an appropriate surname for my alter ego because he is as unexpected as I am. I also picked Prince as the character’s last name because as a nerd, it is my duty to like comics and I am a huge Wonder Woman fan. ( If you don’t know her alter ego is called Diana Prince.)

I’m writing the journals in fiction form with my darling Pixie, the misunderstood, unloved, crazy, sex fiend Pixie as the protagonist.In between writing and my real life and my real job, I blog about Pixie’s thoughts and exploits that I either can’t describe the way I want in the book or  just as a way for the monster in me to shake it off.

My name is T. L. Banks. Hi. Nice to meet you. T.L. has written award winning one act plays, introductions to shows, songs, poems, won essay contests for scholarship money, won essay competitions for environmental scholarships and published in literary journals. T.L. has even participated in writer’s clubs in California and Nevada and won poetry scholarships in undergrad. She likes words.I will be 37 this year.

Pixie on the other hand is always on the hunt for her own personal Fonzie. Her own Danny Zuko. Pixie will always be 23. And she ain’t scared of shit.

Pixie Prince is obviously a version of me in an alternate universe. Pixie is the girl who was fucking the nice boy from church in the back seat of his parent’s car while they were in prayer meeting every Wednesday night. Pixie Prince is you too. The you that nobody knows about that wasn’t there. We are now all exposed.

So now you know who she is and who I am.

Oh and there is no fucking point.  Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Who the hell is Pixie Prince?

  1. T.L. is still pretty mysterious, Miss Pixie, but I leave you to your mystery. It adds to your mystique. Maybe you’re: Mys. Pixie! Anyway. Nicely written and fun to read “bio”…:)

  2. T.L. or Pixie both of you are cool in my book. We all have an alter ego and they say naming it is very healthy. Beyonce has Sasha Fierce and even Ellen has one. So you go girl!

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