Who, When and WTF?

Fancy meeting you here…

Not everything is worth writing a short story or a poem about- but because there is so much stuff out there- ideas, topics, crazy humans who are so well known, pervasive and of the moment, its interesting and fun to just post an opinion about them and move onto the next pop culture fad, factoid, or famous fuck-up. You can get to know me best through my work, available on the home page of Desperatelydespicabledrivel.com or by following me @queenrudenation… but for shits and giggles and a quick break, check out my No You Suck or Dope As Fuck Posts. Who knows, I may even throw in a Meh or two! 🙂








The plant itself: DOPE AS FUCK

3-18-2016 12-51-31 PM

People who abuse the plant to the point that they refuse to function as a valuable contributing member of society at large and are only concerned with the legality of the plant as if they were willing to do the hard work it would take to farm it when we all know they don’t want to do anything but eat Doritos on the sofa where they are crashing are completely trash.  If you can’t work what the fuck do you need to relax from?NOPE, YOU SUCK.

 3-18-2016 12-54-53 PM