Final Thoughts from when I escaped Facebook

Took a good hard look. Time to change the view. Countdown begins.

Final Thoughts: If it scares you only because of the disapproval of others, do it. They put schackles on you that bind them. Break free.

Final Thoughts: I wonder, if I added up all the hours between 2008 and now that I have spent on fb and got to reuse them if it would be enough to lose forty pounds and publish a second poetry chapbook or follow any other rainbows? Hmmmm….

Final Thoughts: Who controls you? How do you know? Do you care?

Final Thoughts: The more people like you, the less dangerous you become. If they dont see you as a threat, you become a clown. People tend to reserve respect for things that hurt.

Final thoughts: If this so called freedom doesn’t make you feel like a prisoner sometimes then not only are you jailed but you are also a liar,lier,lyer,liar.

Final Thoughts: Remove everything that is fake. Go on, take it off. Now, whats left? Hmmm..

Final Thoughts: You can only play dumb for so long…before you are.

Final Thoughts: You free huh? But you cant turn your computer off? Cant turn off your phone? Cant turn off the tv? Yes, you are free to enslave yourself. Truly the most efficient way to get the job done.

Final Thoughts: There is nothing wrong with you. Or them. Or us. Stop using religion, or color, or clothes, or size, or fake credits you call money or education level, or relationship status to make yourself feel better, smarter, richer etc. There is nothing wrong with us. Or them. Or you.

Final Thoughts: Happiness, peace, joy and love are all good. Use the hullabaloo that brings you down as a springboard to that goodness.

3 thoughts on “Final Thoughts from when I escaped Facebook

  1. I wondered where you went. I miss seeing pics of Jer and figured you just weren’t posting much and fb algorithm had lost you in my shuffle. Then Buck confided in me about his egregious behavior. I assumed you threw the baby out with the bathwater. I wanted to reach out to you today to tell you how sorry I am to hear of Marthas passing. She is the only woman I have ever wanted to be my own grandmother. I’m sorry for this public post of private matters. I just didn’t know how else to reach you. I love you. Your family is in my heart always.

    1. Thank you Dana. That means a lot to me today. Of course Nate would think that I would throw away an entire social media outlet just because I was mad at him; he broke my heart many years ago and I love him just the same. Jumping off FB really had nothing to do with him in particular- it was taking a lot of time away from writing for me, no one that “I knew” supported what I write on that platform and a lot of the posts people wanted to tag me in were not safe for the kind of work that I do for a living. But I still tweet like a madwoman and I am on the blog often just musing about life. You can reach me on here anytime, or
      Instagram @Shewaxespoetic on Twitter @queenrudenation or even e-mail
      Thank you for the kind thoughts and words. Its appreciated.

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