Transmission Time

Uh. So what the hell is this thing about guys being visual? I heard a Victoria Secrets Model say this on an entertainment news show. She says guys are visual so that’s why we ladies should wear pretty undies or whatever and that women decide on how attractive a man  is by how charming he is, Is charming code for rich?I guess where I get befuddled by the whole thing is that women and men are both the same kind of creature. Only difference is one pops out puppies and the other pops in puppy juice. So does that mean from back in our hunter gathering wandering days that men were just looking at every damn thing and going ooh that’s prettier than than so I’m gonna stick my dick in it? I don’t know it seems like they do like the pictures, I mean we all like the pictures we all relate to images images are our words of the mind but i don’t think boys are stupid, i think they know not to believe their eyes right? I think they know the difference between a real breast and a costume breast don’t they? I’m not sure I would want to be in love with someone solely invested in our relationship based on what I looked like. What if I were in an accident? would we break up or get a divorce or sell our kids off to slavery cause mommy isn’t pretty now. Is that they way it is? Is that why people cheat? Is this why Bugsy Siegel’s wife looked like a broke down hot mess and his girl friend was pretty in the face? Wait! Seriously? So they are stupid? What I see? Or are they trapped? Because this universe is so much bigger than what we see. What we see isn’t even a minuscule amount of what is going on and happening and existing around us. I can’t wrap my mind around it. i refuse to accept it is all. Its not like guys are picking broads because they are trying to have the best fucking kids ever. Is it more of a, well I want to mate with the prettiest one that allows me too? Are females the Peacocks of the human species? If this is the case, and if this is true, and this is the way it is, and men are stupid enough to spend their time and money and energy on a broad just because she is pretty I am on the right side of that fence. I’m a total girl! Hold on, is this true? If that’s the case there is no war between men and women for ruling the planet. If this is true its pretty obvious to me who is running things. Cleopatra.Holly Madison. Elvira.

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