Transmissional Mode

Believe it or not I get tired. I don’t like to admit it but I get extremely tired of people. Not all people. Just some people. You know them, the people who see no glimmer of hope around them. The people who do not appreciate the beauty of the sunrise or their next breath. The people who sustain themselves on the carcasses of spirits they have slaughtered with their hate or ambivalence or denial. You can’t see the rose? You cant hear children laughing? So caught up in the yang, in the darkness, in the negative in destruction. Why do they view the world from the reflection of mediocrity, despair and pain? Im no virgin to heartache and death and loss and mistreatment. I totally understand. But in every moment of the day I can choose. I can choose to complain, I can choose to whine or I can choose to celebrate my existence. Happiness is not a myth. It is an internal mechanism and we all have it and we can all use it and some of us prefer to get our satisfaction in the mental physical and emotional slaughter of their own kind. It makes me sad. It makes me confused. Is it a necessary evil to be an asshole? Is a requirement to have some creeps in the world? Is it a part of the universal design to haveĀ anomalies? Maybe, I don’t know. But I choose not to be one. I choose not to associate with them. I choose to see joy, and freedom and love everywhere, regardless of the circumstance. And no one will hold me back. Selah

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