Portia…oh how stupid could you be. There is nothing interesting about you. You look like a black Barbie but the stupid kind. He is obviously not trying to listen to what you have to say. Maintain control? Him? Over you? Grow up.

He is a manly man? why? because when he grew up his momma was at home? Shaddup.


He doesn’t want her to be extremely successful because she will divorce him? WOW.

Kenya is Foxy Brown? Wow. Just wow.

Kenya is truly crazy. But I love her crazy. So much nuts in one person.

Portia is Babs? Perfect.

On the one hand, if you are not going to come as the character she asked, common sense would tell you to let her know in case something was going on that required it. Kenya was wrong for not saying she had a program around that person, but Portia was wrong for feeling so badly about it, that she couldn’t call Kenya and say she was uncomfortable. Funny but, meh, it happens.

Cordell is trying to be mister big and bad. Lol

Phaedra is clown town.

I may be a certain way, but I can’t stand Portia. She just seems so stupid. No real grasp on anything happening on earth. Quite frankly its annoying. yes, Kenya girl is froot loops, honey but at least you can identify it, label it and stick a pin in it when you mount it to your trophy board.




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