Just another day at the Ultra Man Food Service

“Melting cheeses and faces off since 1973”

Owner & Head Chef: Archimedes Higgenbottom III Alter Ego: Ultra Man

General Manager: Storm

Location: Last standing location-Queens, NY Nestled between the Fat Cat Coats and Huang Ho’s hungry Leprechaun Veggie Bar

(Gotham City UMFS Was called the Superhero Sausage Factory at first.)

Sometimes superheroes work there, but for the most part, they all eat there.

AH: Do we have tomatoes?

S: I ordered them.

AH: Yeah, I don’t see any. Where are they?

S: They should be in the freezer. Did you even check the freezer?

AH: Why the fuck would you put the tomatoes in the freezer? Don’t you know what day it is?

S: Thursday?

AH: No, well yes, yes its Thursday Storm, But its Thursday the first.

S: Yeah, I know.

AH: I don’t know if you are just a crazy broad or if you are stupid.

S: Excuse me?

AH: Its Thursday the First! Who orders 35 BLTs on The First of every month?

S:Oh shit.

AH: Exactly. Now when Hulk gets here, I expect you to be the one to explain to him why the goddamned tomatoes are frozen!

S: Well, then I’ll just make it rain outside and we can close early..

AH: What the hell? What diner closes for rain? Are you serious? Do you smoke crack for breakfast what the hell are we going to do? This is going to be a disaster!

S: Just make him something else then I don’t know -he’s a nice guy it won’t be that bad, Archie…

AH: Last time he came and someone forgot to cut the crusts off his sandwiches. The fucking crusts! And the monster threw an 84 year old custodian out the goddamn front window! You know how much it cost me to get that window fixed? I still owe the flash 4 grand for that!

S: The ground is shaking.

AH: Holy shit, he’s coming!

S: I think it’s time for my break.

AH: What? Where the hell are you going?

S:Milwaukee. I’ll be back though, after the lunch rush. See ya Archie!

AH: Bitches.

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