Pulse. Is it supposed to feel like this? i see you walk by, glide by, soar by and I Pulse. I hate you. You make me nervous. I have a man. Pulse. And I love him. And here you are exactly how I pictured you would be. In the flesh. Your flesh. On my flesh. … Continue reading Dorian


Original Photograph by the righteous PMMA     I’m 85. I say goodbye to you when you pass away. 2 weeks later we’re together again. I’m 72. I look in the mirror and see a reflection of you staring back. I’m 63. Your caress is just as warm to me as it has always been. … Continue reading Timing

Love Jail

Written by the incomparable Whiskey Dick and The Beer Goggles to toast the end of my misery on 12-31-2011…Brilliant! Six fucking years I been pacing this cell The tats on my arms are my story to tell Fell in love, it was awesome, thought that this was it This is where they’d say at when my story … Continue reading Love Jail


He only calls me when he’s called every other woman in Ohio, including his mother and sisters and none of them seem to want to talk to him, or they are too busy, or he just gets their voice-mails on their mobiles and at their homes and he has already called Moviefone and the Weather network and … Continue reading G.C.