I know that I will never be Poet Laureate At some stuffy upper crust Higher Ed mannequin Factory nestled in the middle of New Jersey Writing tired old iambic stanzas About calla lily blooms that Allude to death even if in seventh grade It was my dream life. I know that I could never be Your … Continue reading Actuality


If you were things and not a person You would be a Polaroid photograph Of black construction paper punched out stars On a Friday night in the chaos and humidity of A New York City summer in 1973 on a scalding concrete rooftop Buzzing a top thousands of neon lights Ants fanning the heat away … Continue reading Nico

Beach bum

No, it’s not your fault, beach bum. Nothing ever is. It’s not your fault that you were raised in Southern California And everyone knows that people in Southern California Are shady and fake and so you’re shady and fake because You were born there. The world is reversed you say- so No, it’s not your … Continue reading Beach bum