Mama Everything

Hey Mama, it’s not your fault You have to be more than you are You have to be a mother, and a friend, and a wife You have to be a superwoman every single day And it’s not enough that you take care of your kids And the neighbors’ raggedy kids It’s not enough that … Continue reading Mama Everything


It was always pull off the sweater with you. Take off the socks. In the backseat. Twister. The right arm goes on the left door handle and the left foot is hooked on the rearview mirror. I don’t remember your middle name. I don’t remember your birthday. It was always pull down your pants with … Continue reading Shawn

Hate Love tonight

Original Photograph by PMMA Its the tugging and pulling and the stretching, the godforsaken stretching the molding and planning and giving and giving the sweating and praying the hoping and dying the mercy and gestures the pain and the pressure the weakness and frailty and insecurity and constant second guessing that make me hate love, … Continue reading Hate Love tonight


You’re a fly. You’re raging tuberculosis. You’re a piss stain on the back of a wedding dress. You’re the carcass a vulture wouldn’t touch. You’re blood soaked toliet paper. You’re ashy cracked diseased skin peeling off a tumor turned green from wearing fool’s gold. You’re a shattered mirror on Friday the 13th. You’re a god … Continue reading Trevon


You sat in front of me in church and I used to drop my Bible so I could lean close to your neck and smell your hair. Your hair smelled like happiness and family gatherings in the main room, laughing and drinking eggnog and showing home videos of our trip to the Poconos with the … Continue reading Douglas

By The Way…

Its not that I don’t want to talk to you. Its not that I don’t think at some point we can work together and be friends. I just dont have the energy for it right now. You and I repel each other like magnets- it just doesn’t fit. And I know that means that I … Continue reading By The Way…