Some of the girls at work call you Fabio. I have no idea why. You don’t look like Fabio. You look like John Depp when John Depp was 25 If John Depp was 100% Italian and tanned and Wore the most ridiculously oversized glossy Armani suits. Every man in our office hates you. It doesn’t … Continue reading Yamin

Tears and Texts

Today, I am starting off my day with 16 oz. of water, a menthol cigarette and tears. I’m nervous. Long story short- a millennia ago -when my wounds from breaking up with Kane were still fresh (only 3-4 years old) a voicemail sealed me in my relationship tomb. He was gone for what I thought … Continue reading Tears and Texts

Right Now

Every once in a while I think back…. to a particular scenario in my personal history and I wonder…. what would have happened, had I handled that situation… differently? What would have happened If I had gotten that, C or J tattoo? Or if I hadn’t lost my flip flop in the park when I … Continue reading Right Now


Would I sound juvenile if I admitted that I am thoroughly confused? A long time ago I used to weigh 175 pounds. I was about 17. And back then, I used to pick myself to pieces because according to a chart somewhere I was supposed to weigh 150 for my height- I was desperate. I … Continue reading Struggling

Love Letter

Hey Self. I have to say….and I should know the answer to this, but, how are you?  I feel like we don’t spend enough time alone together you know…although I know we will be alone together until our last breath. I guess I’m just having a hard time figuring out how to say what I … Continue reading Love Letter