I want you here. I want you to kiss me on my forehead and pass me a danish and a cup of coffee Before I blog a poem for the day. I want you to say that You can’t wait until we go to Puerto Rico together Or Sicily Or Singapore. I want to shower … Continue reading Daydreamy

Just Blaque

Please stop asking me About how I wash my hair. It would be nice to be able to Rock my kick ass Incubus tee shirt Without someone looking at me like… Uh… It would be nice to be able to Think Jason Statham is gorgeous Without someone saying to me Uh… It would be nice … Continue reading Just Blaque

More Whine, Please

I broke my glasses today And no it’s not the end of the world but It sure would be nice man To have what everyone else has The ability to see clearly I lost the job that I hated today And yeah, it’s an opportunity For me to do something I’m much better suited for … Continue reading More Whine, Please


Just so you know I’m mean to you when you are around your other friends because I have to be. My snide comments are because you like snide comments. You have perfected the snide comment. But I see you. I see you kowtowing to the other ants around you with red stripes on their backs. … Continue reading Depth


I am the earth. And just like that, you changed my whole fucking orbit. Before you, I was an ice age. Seasonal temperature changes caused by too much of your damn sunlight And I’m wet. My oceans temperatures rise And there is more carbon dioxide I’m choking And I like it, baby. I like it … Continue reading Yusef