Three minutes later my blood pressure rises and I desire him again a fresh start with no finish line come on, again come come come on man , more now more more like the beginning one The first one The sick one The thick one The all night one all over me again a brand … Continue reading Justin


Dear Kendrick Kensington of Carrington Court, Como Estas, home-skillet? How is your world? I had so much fun when I came to visit you in Atlanta, it was a really great memory for me. Your house was absolutely beautiful and you were such a gracious host. I know you probably think that it is fucked … Continue reading Kendrick

Sorry, Kid

I didn’t mean to disrespect you actually,                                                      I meant to befriend you And occasionally have sex with you                                            And occasionally ask you to change the oil in my car And take out the trash in my apartment before you left. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful,                                                     When you offered instead Your heart but its like, … Continue reading Sorry, Kid

Father Figure

I wish that I had a closet to climb out of but there are no support groups for righteously rampant insecurity. Here I stand but Nobody cares about me since my problems are only the fear crumbs of a fucked up childhood. Here I am and I pretend to pray but I stopped believing ions … Continue reading Father Figure


You can’t get your way all the motherfucking time. Even if you are right but especially when you are wrong, you are going to have to accept like we all accept that sometimes you have to give in. I know your daddy gives you everything and now those trinkets make you weak you have been … Continue reading Spoiled


I’m a sucker for a soul singer. Is this what it feels like to be infatuated? Your voice, so early Al Green-ish , So Donny Hathaway-ish, that I am in love with you. No one had moved me the way you moved me until you made a move to make me yours. Is this what … Continue reading Albie

Mama Everything

Hey Mama, it’s not your fault You have to be more than you are You have to be a mother, and a friend, and a wife You have to be a superwoman every single day And it’s not enough that you take care of your kids And the neighbors’ raggedy kids It’s not enough that … Continue reading Mama Everything