Jesus Jones

Original Photos provided by PMMA   Fashionably forgotten Ten seconds too late Quickly perpetrated and devoured Delicious pop culture fluffy pancakes Imminent figures of this generation’s imagination signed and sold surfaced and surrendered designed by the psyche of the bored and weak into flip book heroism for the reality show creep       click … Continue reading Jesus Jones


  Original Photo provided courtesy of PMMA     Used to be Dinner for two Her and you Pretty picture painted The whole world agreed Though no one has seen The dried up paint and scars. Used to walk and talk and sing Do everything together once It looked so fun from outside in But … Continue reading Lite


Thank you. Thank you for your time. Thank you for you for stopping by last night. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you thought my sex was amazing. I’m sorry that you thought that sex and love were always connected for girls. I’m sorry you thought I was a girl in the first place. I wish … Continue reading Nice


Original Photo provided by PMMA I brush up against politics in the lunch line and she tosses her ponytails and whispers I don’t want to play with you, dummy so I go to the monkey bars to hang out with drugs but he says get out of my way loser and I look left to … Continue reading Sandbox


A taste. Just a  little one. Your first hit of heroin. A touch. Just a soft one In a dark place. In a place no one sees Inside me. Instantly I’m addicted and now I’m hooked and sick Days blend Wishing and dreaming Years fold onto each other Just like sticky sheets Growing together Like … Continue reading Low