The one who will sneak six beers in into the movie theater, Four in her purse And two in in her back pockets under her jacket So that the two of you can get drunk while You watch Jason murder all of the slutty teenage camp counselors. The one who has curly dyed blonde hair … Continue reading Pixie

Fuzzy Slippers

So thankful for today. Because today I don’t feel like combing my hair Or taking a shower Or eating anything other than large slices of apple pie. Today I don’t feel like going for a walk or out for air or anywhere Other than the bathroom the bed or the couch. Today I don’t want … Continue reading Fuzzy Slippers

Many Forms

Don’t ever let anyone ruin you by saying that you can’t be in love with more than one person at at time. They are hateful, blind liars telling you stories past down to keep you wishing for fulfillment just outside your reach. I am in love with Kane. He is Midnight. I pray to the … Continue reading Many Forms