A taste. Just a  little one. Your first hit of heroin. A touch. Just a soft one In a dark place. In a place no one sees Inside me. Instantly I’m addicted and now I’m hooked and sick Days blend Wishing and dreaming Years fold onto each other Just like sticky sheets Growing together Like … Continue reading Low


All I ever want to do is dance these days. In circles. Up a storm. On your grave. Dance, dance, dance. Wearing my walking boots now and the music is in the air Finally just the right beat And you have no one left to deceive Leave. Leave. Leave  The beat goes on And I … Continue reading Tap


If I hadn’t shown up on your doorstep, no one would have been around to drive you to work when your car was stolen. If your car hadn’t been stolen you would have went to that club with your friends that was shut down when one of the patrons shot the bartender. If that club … Continue reading Dominoes


Its cold outside. Were sitting on the porch smoking a blunt. A girl, who probably weighs 250 pounds when she lies about her weight, bursts from the apartment lobby, frustrated- She lights a Newport and argues with herself. Pointing at the snow like it hurt her feelings. Her hair is in a pony tail and … Continue reading M.I.S.


Quiet. He can hear you. Quiet, now. Stop fucking beating through my Blouse so fast. Breathe. Don’t just give it all away every time he looks back. Wait. Save some. For the bended knee part. Remember that part, From the dream? The part where he opens the box and you accept the diamond studded leash … Continue reading Kane