Scribbler Spotlight: J. Fisher

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. 
Benjamin Franklin

My first author spotlight goes to fiction writer, J. Fisher. He has a unique point of view and an urban thriller writing style. Take a look at how he responded to the DesperatelyDespicableDrivel interview questions and pick up a copy of his book today!


Name:             Jamelle LaRay Fisher Sr.

Date of Birth:  February 25, 1975

Hometown:     Indianapolis Indiana



Title of most recent project:   3 Hundred 60 Degrees

Link for readers to purchase your work:

•           Tell us about your book.  How did you come up with the story and what is it about?

This is the story of one crews dealing with money, power, and each other.  I got the idea to write the book from one of my baby’s mamma.  I read about 3 books a week, and she challenged me “You read so many books, why don’t you write one.”  So I pulled out a note pad and started 3 Hundred 60 Degrees.

•             Do you have a favorite character among the ones you have invented? Who is it? Why is he/she your favorite?

I think my favorite character is Bryanna.  She is the most complex character.  She has layers.

•             What is the best thing about being an author?

To me the best thing about being an author is taking a blank sheet of paper and filling it with my words.  To let others see story playing in my head thru my words.

•             If you could describe your writing style with one word, what word would that be?

Character detailed, I want my readers to feel like they know each of my characters personally.


•             What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

 To finish what you start, and write something, anything every day.

•             Which books or writers inspire you? Why?

The writers that inspire me the most are Eric Jerome Dickey, Tyler Perry, and Sista Souljah.

EJD has mastered the genre that I want to make a name in.  Tyler Perry as a writer is a genius.  The way he puts out so many movies and plays in such a short period of time is amazing to me.  Sista Souljah who writes mostly nonfiction has written three fiction novels that are totally amazing.  She is one of the few people who as a writer I am anxious for her next book.

•             What are you working on now?

Right now I am working on the sequel to 3 Hundred 60 Degrees, Full 3 Sixty.




Thanks J and good luck with your new book! Want to have your own Scribbler Spotlight? Contact PixiePrince at

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