Scribbler Spotlight TL Banks

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. 
Benjamin Franklin

This author spotlight goes to poet and fiction writer,  TL Banks.TL is the author of Pixie’s Last Summer and a recently released poetry chapbook, The Minx. Take a look at how she responded to the DesperatelyDespicableDrivel interview questions and pick up a copy of her books today!

Name:            Tomika Banks

Date of Birth:  September 9, 1975

Hometown:     Indianapolis Indiana currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Title of most recent project:   The Minx

Link for readers to purchase your work:

•           Tell us about your book.  How did you come up with the story and what is it about?

The Minx is 48 beau inspired poems. Pixie Prince has been called dirty but not filthy. She is romantic in a very aggressive way and the poems are about the loves and lovers she’s had- some that left an impression on her in a positive way and some she’d like to forget entirely.

•             Do you have a favorite character among the ones you have invented? Who is it? Why is he/she your favorite?

The cool thing about Pixie is that she is an invented character. She is TL’s alter ego. The beaus are all real, the only thing changed about them is their names. Pixie would have to be the favorite. She has helped me out on many occasions when I wasn’t brave enough

•             What is the best thing about being an author?

Working out your issues in words. Saying things we all want to say but some of us are afraid no one will understand. It is awesome  being a writer. It is like you are connected to the universal soul of everyone when you explain it just so…

•             If you could describe your writing style with one word, what word would that be?

Emotional. I want you to feel something wicked, or ripe or real or tantalizing with my style. I want you to taste it with me.

•             What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

 Its fun to write but if you don’t find someone to read it no one will know how great and talented you are.

•             Which books or writers inspire you? Why?

I’m a huge Dorothy Parker fan as well as Nikki Giovanni. I think I aspire to write like them, give you a little chunk of someone’s life and let you fill in the other blanks. I think that they are brilliant.

•             What are you working on now?

Also finished the fictionalized diary of Pixie Prince called Pixie’s Last Summer. It follows Pixie as she reminisces about her one true love, Kane Burns and all the hell that breaks loose as she tries to win him back. Its funny and childish and a great read. It’s almost a companion piece to the Minx. It is available at

Thanks TL and good luck with all of your work! Want to have your own Scribbler Spotlight? Contact PixiePrince at

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