Scribbler Spotlight: 3rd Eye Level Productions

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent

Victor Hugo

Typically here on the Scribbler Spotlight we focus on writers of plays, fiction and poetry; the lyricists of the written word. In this post, we decided that we can not leave out our brethren, the music makers, the writers of the songs that turn poetry into universal rhythms that capture and haunt us and define a time and place in our lives. For our first musician spotlight here at Scribbler, I decided to find an artist that I know personally. I met Dre in undergraduate school and although we didn’t kick it tough like “besties”- (he is WAY too cool for me) but we knew many of the same great people, lots of creative artists in all fields and genres …and the coolest part of about that is, most of us, are out there-making our world a bit more entertaining, a bit more beautiful and a helluva lot more liveable!

D_James (1)

Here are the responses from our interview. I hope that you find a new talent to explore and experience….

Name: Andre “D. James” King (producer/emcee) *All songs were produced by D. James for 3rd Eye Level Productions.

Date of Birth: 05/28

Hometown: Born in Nashville, TN, raised in Indianapolis, IN since middle school.

 QUESTION: Tell us about your music…. What is the genre/style?

D: The style/genre would be Hip Hop all of the way, no fillers.

QUESTION: What does it sound similar to?

D: Lyrically, I would say artists like Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Common, Elzhi, Black Thought, Phonte, and etc.

Production wise, there are few I would compare it to just because I play live guitar and bass guitar on several tracks, but they are infused with sampled drums and synths and other samples. That is what gives the songs a unique flavor with real musicianship.

Raw talent…Got to love that.

QUESTION: How do you come up with the songs and lyrics?

D: I just go off of life experiences or things that I see issues with. A lot of times everything around us can be translated through music. Whether it’s something sorrowful that needs to be seen in a more positive light or a socioeconomic condition that needs to be brought out into the forefront.

QUESTION: What is the overall feeling listeners will have?

D: My hopes are for the listener to be able to relate with the music through the lyrics and beats. I would like for the listener to be entertained while at the same time realizing the authenticity of what they are hearing with a familiar sense.


QUESTION: Do you have a favorite track?

D: I am very fond of several tracks on the album, but my favorite solo track is number 4, “You Don’t Say” this track has a piece of my soul in it.

QUESTION:What is the best song for a new listener?What makes it great?

D: I think number 2, “No Thrills” is a great song for a new listener because it gives a new twist to an old classic performed by the great Blues legend, B.B. King himself!
Just the overall feel and presence makes it great.


Well, that’s what’s up!

QUESTION: What is the best thing about being a musician?

D: The ability to express myself and the therapy aspect it provides for me. Music is my release, I do not do it for the fame and fortune (although it would be nice.). I do it because I love it.

QUESTION:What drew you to music?

D: The fascination of sounds and pictures they painted in my head. I started as free-style rapper, then I decided I wanted to make my own beats because the caliber of producers I was running into was sub-par at best. Next I decided to take it to the next level by learning music theory and how to play different instruments. Now I play keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums. Basically, I LOVE music!

Spittin_2QUESTION:If you could describe your sound with one word, what word would that be?

D: Enticing! (that’s a tough question, LOL!)

Well I can’t make it too easy. We are trying to get to the nitty gritty around these parts, buddy….

QUESTION: What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

D: Just keep going, if it’s in your heart you will never stop. You will go through several changes and mature as an artist, but you will never want to quit.

QUESTION:Which musicians or producers inspire you?

D: I am inspired by Jay-Z, Kanye West, Hi-Tek, 9th Wonder, Common, Mos Def, and The Roots.


D: Each of these artists have exhibited success in different ways. Each one has also shown longevity and made meaningful music.


QUESTION:What are you working on now?

D: We are in the lab as we speak working on a few new projects. One is going to be a remix album of Golden Era emcees over 3rd Eye Level production with an added twist. Please be on the lookout, it is titled “Now Featuring”.


E-Mail customers can use to contact your business:

Title of most recent project: Highly Ill-Logical

Link for customers to purchase your work:

Well I am satisfied with that…and I am rarely satisfied! Good on you, man!  Congratulations on living your dream, Dre and continued good luck on all your musical endeavors. Thanks for letting us carve out a piece of your creativity time…BUT TIME IS MONEY, HONEY…now get back to work so I can think this…



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