Soft Spot

At the moment a mollusk’s shell is opening A rock in front of a cave is slowly being rolled away Wouldn’t foresee it happening tomorrow Can’t guarantee it based off of yesterday That you would be witnessing the emergence Of our enchantment taking natural shape At this very second a blossom is budding A treasure … Continue reading Soft Spot


Chip away at it… Keep grabbing more handfuls off with your mind Keep biting away at it… Drown it regularly until it erodes over time Keep shoveling way down deep into it… Throw the parts that impede you off to the side Pick away at it … Keep telling me the love that you’re feeling … Continue reading Splintery


When you scared as hell but you still wanna try To put the past on the shelf and kiss old loves goodbye So you clean out the closet and puff out your chest And whisper I’m sorry and let karma decide whats best Then you slap on shiny lipstick and say it’s all good And take … Continue reading Oldhead


The rain is to blame for my feet being wet I miss you but I am not supposed to And you’re the cause of a new regret He misses her but he really shouldn’t its the sky’s fault that I can’t forget She misses him and it’s too late and due to you I didn’t … Continue reading Disculpe