Scum disease

The first chip made you second guess a real break it made you retell yourself fiction of how it could have come to this you were nothing if not tense until you looked for a way to numb the pain away a temporary fix a phone number a private text a kiss and suddenly the cavity … Continue reading Scum disease

The Reformation

I used to simply hide what I wanted to do as if the truth would hurt you too deeply to see I used to simply find what I needed anywhere But in your arms But now that I’ve let go Of you and the sadness the lying and madness All that’s left are memories of … Continue reading The Reformation

With her HIM

I confess. I had the biggest crush on you. The plan was to let you fuck me silly. But you killed that noise with the quickness. I have recovered since that night. And I have to thank you. Would I do it the same way again? Knowing now what I needed to know then? Absolutely, … Continue reading With her HIM