With everyone else I think: I’m so fucking tired of sending pictures to online strangers especially since nobody is fucking interesting at all. They just want to inspect every inch of your body like its a fucking modeling audition just to have a cup of coffee in public and meeting them is pointless, since no one … Continue reading Arrested


The rain is to blame for my feet being wet I miss you but I am not supposed to And you’re the cause of a new regret He misses her but he really shouldn’t its the sky’s fault that I can’t forget She misses him and it’s too late and due to you I didn’t … Continue reading Disculpe


I haven’t ever let go Ten lonely years, y’know? You stop me from fearing anything new But you stop me from growing too I’m stunted because of you The jealousy rages inside me All we are is pretending to be Friends to what end To what end There isn’t a healthy remedy I remember back … Continue reading Pacifier

Dear Everything

You little shit. Don’t you know what this is? I see you, I feel you, I need you And quite frankly I think that I might, ahem, love you. So  are you playing dumb or don’t you want to touch me, taste me, hold me and more importantly love me back? Are you stuck? I’ll … Continue reading Dear Everything


His face eats the light and I am in awe. My sweat becomes musk if he is within three feet. My laugh becomes a hiccupping snort when he jokes~ The drum solo underneath my breast plate Feels like a rocket launch under my skin. I would kill for a glass of water that did not evaporate … Continue reading Frisson