Ace in The Hole

Fascinated by my own reflection No idea who is guilty or insane Sick to the stomach by misconception No concept of using my brain Sexual proclivities an abomination No desire to take a midnight train Nothing left but piles of frustration No arteries open but the main Everything hurts and its all too big Everything on … Continue reading Ace in The Hole


You don’t really love me, boy, unless You’ve seen me laugh so hard that I have pissed myself at a bar. You’ve listened or gone to an Incubus concert with me and watched me act a plumb complete fool. You’ve cleaned up my vomit after one of my battles with whiskey and put me to … Continue reading Unless

The Gum Bumper

He took a swig out of his mini pitcher of Miller Lite and let the beer in his mustache drizzle down his lip. He didn’t have a neck. He said, “I don’t mean it in any racist kind of way or like I’m proud of it or nothing but white people are killers. And the … Continue reading The Gum Bumper

Drinking with Jesus

No, No, You misunderstood, mommy Sure, yeah, I said that she was pretty We only held hands, blame it, not me The tequila, the tequila!!! I’m guilt free The fault ain’t mine, she was the lime It was just the one time, in college, I think and then maybe one more, or two, I’d had … Continue reading Drinking with Jesus

The Middle Man

If I lean a little too far forward And sink deeply into my shoulders My body asks my brain Hey man, is our girl alright? So my brain, puts on his Sherlock hat And flips through its microfiche of images Of the body, my body, searching for the last time I ever looked this way… … Continue reading The Middle Man


Hey Beer,  I hope things are well. Was it you that has been calling and leaving messages? I’m sorry that  I haven’t spoken to you in a little while. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I’m not technically avoiding you, or anything. It’s not because you did anything wrong, like you think, you … Continue reading Mr.NewCastle