Half Priced Box Wine

Sunken lifeless child’s eyes greasy receding mop top cut into a military style lack of a strong jaw hidden by a multicolored graying beard sweating profusely, huge drops of liquid salt falling like tear drops, like rain drops, a faucet- wet sloppy mouth constantly distracting from rarely brushed teeth sparse hair patches in weird spotty … Continue reading Half Priced Box Wine

C21 H23 NO5

He gone say, I got you And she say uh huh , sure She’s morphine to his fiend He can’t resist the pull But he never stops Never stops coming when she calls And he does whatever he promises And she gone take it all She gone take his breath and reasons She gone steal his heart … Continue reading C21 H23 NO5

DEA Schedule 1

The left side edge of my upper lip is itchy so I lick it and now, I can’t stop getting it wet and for some reason that reminds me of the last time that I saw you you were sweaty and naked and buried between my shivering lower extremities face deep praying to me with … Continue reading DEA Schedule 1