Messenger Pigeon

I know that I am coming off like a negative nitwit lately. I know that I always have with you. But just be patient with me and remember that I am a Virgo. As practical as they come. It has to make sense to me. Doesn’t help that I am named after Thomas, the guy … Continue reading Messenger Pigeon


I know how pathetic it is that I spend a majority of my free time thinking about you and wondering what you are doing and reminiscing about things that we have done together and stretching those memories out and adding more dialog in places where we stared off into the sunset and remember when , … Continue reading Garrett


When I touch him We both know You and I that I pretend his hands feel Like your hands once did On cold mornings… Watch me love you His breathtaking kisses taste like yours used to And I’m on my knees¬†reminiscing¬†fiction Begging you to never stop When he presses his flesh into mine My heart … Continue reading Bobby


Somehow you know when I’ve been crying And out of the mist you appear telling me how pretty I look in tears… Somehow you know when I’m aching And right out of the blue your voice saying that you can make me feel good again But I’ve heard this tune I know this song and … Continue reading Poisonous

A Man

A Man. My excuses have always been about a man. The reason I haven’t reached as far as I can, I must admit has been about a man. Well, back at the beginning it was my step dad and my real dad One I didn’t see and one I wished would go to hell And … Continue reading A Man


I told you that I hated you and I thought that I had made myself clear But what you heard were words And you were glad I was talking to you at all. We’re oil and water as they say, In my eyes and you don’t see the same as me- you see an eternity … Continue reading Airbrush