Its only worth the paper that its printed it on so I wrote it in the sky Every single part of your body always kept me high I loved you monster, I really did as much a heartless woman could You’re a horrifying disappointment, the very absence of good Doesn’t stop me from missing your … Continue reading Screenshots

To Each Her Own

Mr. Debonair looks good in the light and on paper he does everything right So he’s not the guy for me Obviously Upon closer inspection, it’s hard not to see That he’s annoyed with every imperfection I bring Mr. Monster is the most beautiful thing I ever did see and on paper he’s the ideal conduit … Continue reading To Each Her Own


I feel like potassium chlorate and red phosphorus. So leave me, please… Because all I want is to choke you to death You keep feeding my ego propellants This love is too dangerous So leave me, please… Yes, I will always pine for your blood Always wanting more than you’re willing to give Always craving one more … Continue reading Kinks