Half Priced Box Wine

Sunken lifeless child’s eyes greasy receding mop top cut into a military style lack of a strong jaw hidden by a multicolored graying beard sweating profusely, huge drops of liquid salt falling like tear drops, like rain drops, a faucet- wet sloppy mouth constantly distracting from rarely brushed teeth sparse hair patches in weird spotty … Continue reading Half Priced Box Wine

My tits

I know that as soon as you see them up close, covered or not, your mind decides if you like them, and therefore, me. You determine if they are too big to befriend or too long to be seen with in public… You decide in a split second how hard it would be to brush … Continue reading My tits


You could cure cancer You could come up with a language so that we can understand dolphins You could play for Tampa Bay You could manipulate molecular structures in such a way that our gas guzzling machines won’t kill us any day You could fly You could sprout wings and call yourself angelic or demonic … Continue reading Debajo

Rarefied Air

So you’re skinny And you’re pale And you’re fragile And delicate like lace So you’re well fed And well read And snooty And stained with grace And tucked around your  chiseled face You can still see that I’m  fun and fat And I’m  tanned and happy And I’m sexy and brilliant And I’m bossy yet … Continue reading Rarefied Air

Bitches and Priests

Rubens painted pictures of fat chicks like me but I can’t find my name on souvenir keys Oh Lord hear my plea, beautify the fallacies of me Whiskey tastes bad with ice, or Coke or anything And all I know is all I know and what I know is there… That I look better in the mirror, … Continue reading Bitches and Priests


Everything I learned about boys, I learned from Pete. Pete said boys will only like you if you like what they like. Pete said boys will only date you if you have big, preferably fake, tits. Pete said boys will only marry you if there is a gun to their heads, you happen to be … Continue reading Pete