I’m sometimes stumbling, sometimes crawling inside this girl She’s my whole world She’s sometimes breaking or carrying me I navigate the universe made up of this same girl She’s my whole world But I don’t think she cares at all to really know me She can change, she can change, she does change she ages … Continue reading Twinkies

Enter a plea of guilty

4:51 Post Meridiem Eastern Standard Time June Los Estados Unidos Earth Friday Tired Clueless Sick The two thousand and seventeenth year of our Lord Northern Hemisphere Mid West Early-ish Evening-ish Lonely-ish Bruised Fierce Frustrated Ohio 81 degrees -84.062692 longitude Beavercreek City The 9th of the month Crazed Confused Lost Sweet and thoughtfully selfish Is satisfaction … Continue reading Enter a plea of guilty


On top, tip top, on top Laid up, wait up, hold up Too bad, so sad, you mad I made you from clay But you don’t need me… Won’t stop, won’t stop, won’t stop Wait up, stay up, sho nuff So sad, too bad, sweet lad That’s all you can say? But you don’t believe in … Continue reading Whengodsrhyme