Little Shit

A smoke break with a friend The day that your favorite band releases their 8th album While having a co-worker notice how much weight you’ve lost after riding to the job with all of the windows down Grateful for the hug from your teenager who actually didn’t want any money or food Rocking pink lipstick … Continue reading Little Shit


Dear Climbing Hydrangea, I have recently been able to review all 1095 of your letters, e-mails and other correspondence with regards to the position available within my garden. Thank you for submitting your application(s). I don’t know if you noticed but the posting was geared directly toward adding a tree as a focal point for … Continue reading GTFOH

Tippy Top

He’s one of those lion cubs taught while he was very young to never become an indebted one Its sweet that at only twenty three He thinks that he can ever pull the wool over me I know that he doesn’t want freedom or he wouldn’t let me drink his cum or his cute coat wouldn’t be … Continue reading Tippy Top