I wanna shoot the Guru a link to something that I penned but I hope that he is just following me all over the internet, in the shadows, eating my words on his lunch breaks and is finished reading what I would have sent anyway, somewhere getting high, a lil’ proud that he used to … Continue reading Yoko


In 2012, I walked through hell with a mean monster wasting time as it flew In 2013, I left for greener pastures scared my life would always be blue In 2014, I met a sneakier monster who couldn’t give me enough In 2015, His stalking helped me decide that I would just give up on … Continue reading Underscore


Frozen pancakes and I’m sopping up the syrup with them, mad, that I saw 75 cars that looked like your old raggedy ass car when I was on the road today and I stopped for more beer and worried about how much money I’ve spent on beer this week and paid the man at the … Continue reading Sugarhead