Mr. Reed or Hello, Frisky

Tennis rackets, basketballs, hackysacks, & radios Checkerboards,  the lottery, marbles and pianos These are the things that you play with sir These are the things that you can win I can’t be teased and not tamed, my dear I’m not just a recreational sin Like the sweat off of a hot pot I am a volcano when it rains It’s … Continue reading Mr. Reed or Hello, Frisky


I know why… do you? I know why you text me in spurts something casual that only I will understand It’s not random It’s not boredom I know why you know me still. I know why you write down jokes and then re-write them before you tell them to me It’s not banter It’s not laughter … Continue reading Swain

Wicked Something

My upper lip snarling, eye brow raised, upset is not the word I am looking for Heart beat accelerates, finger tapping pulsates, can’t she see I am staring through her soul? I hate the way she eats and thinks and looks and talks and acts I don’t like her when she wears short skirts, long … Continue reading Wicked Something

Just friends…

You can only feel like you can hide it for so long and then it seeps through… You will eventually be exposed. You can only be stoic as long as there is no rain, as long as it doesn’t hurt but one day it inevitably will. And in your pain you will reach for me … Continue reading Just friends…

The Assignment

I pick up my penAnd put it down againTip to paper, now not laterI’ve got something to say…Stranger…I write out feelingsScribbling meaningsWays to describe you, half truthsBecause how can I…how can Iexplain a quiet thunder in a back lit skyBecause how can I… how can Iexplain a love riot boiling insideI pick up my thoughtsAnd … Continue reading The Assignment


I sent a text message to the following people: My fraternity brother, my best friend, my ex husband and my new beau. The message was exactly the same. I said, ” Contacts are cool but I really miss my glasses.” My new beau writes back… “Hey enough with all of this texting, call me so … Continue reading Glasses