When Goldfish Die

There’s no easy way to survive, when the only one telling you lies is the person in your head, spraying dry rose shampoo on fake love dreads, dragging out the mental movies from my foolish yesterday, That old familiar replay, everything that he ever did, when he sat next to me and I rubbed his … Continue reading When Goldfish Die


All twisted in knots not sure if I’m doomed Do I stand on top of or lie underneath you Do I treat you the way that I treat every other man Or do I twiddle my thumbs until you open your hand Do I find a replacement for the nights I am cold Or do I chastise … Continue reading Antigen


At night, a pillow warms the spot where I wish you could be And every morning, I wake up to his lovely songs dedicated to me You’re imaginary and he’s real How am I supposed to feel When he’s willing to give it all And you are too green to seal the deal? On my way to work … Continue reading Outbid