Dearest Guru

Dearest Guru, I can see you now; raggedy red disheveled beard tickling your chest hairs- bald on top like the minute you were born, a little thin and sorrowful, eyes only bright from tears, furrowed brows, a barely noticeable slump in your shoulders, the worries of the world clawing your brain to shreds. I love … Continue reading Dearest Guru


Whatever the traumatic brain injury is that causes me to be obsessed with every little microbe about you I want to swallow the sickness whole… I know that whatever stroke I endure because of this impairment coursing through me that there is no survival- it will eventually and maliciously destroy my very essence- but I … Continue reading TBHQ

When Goldfish Die

There’s no easy way to survive, when the only one telling you lies is the person in your head, spraying dry rose shampoo on fake love dreads, dragging out the mental movies from my foolish yesterday, That old familiar replay, everything that he ever did, when he sat next to me and I rubbed his … Continue reading When Goldfish Die