After A Good Run

They say that if you want something never give it up. But then they turn right around and say if you love something set it free. Love> Want. So, I’ve been trying to think of something to say to you, for two days now, that’s not manipulative, or trivial or childish. Still, after all of … Continue reading After A Good Run

Anakin Skywalker

I don’t want to talk about how sad I am, how forlorn, how empty, how pseudostrong, I’m using pseudo wrong, so I don’t want to discuss how you fill me when you feel me, how every second is infinity, where the cosmic quest’s objective is met, electric kiss of elusive kismet, so close to me, … Continue reading Anakin Skywalker

Alex Forrest

I was perched on the edge of a skyscraper minding my own Until you came along boy, until you came along Nobody told you to look at me in my eyes long enough to feel Nobody told you to offer a heathen a hedonistic deal And now that I am your shadow and you’re caught up … Continue reading Alex Forrest