Normal Men Rape one another. They lie with malicious intent They steal and castrate while ravaging the entire earth with no thought of remorse outside of the rightness of revenge Torture, demolition, hostility Violence, retribution happen every second of every day in every corner of our world Normal Men Shoot and stab one another. And because the frequency is … Continue reading Alee

Scum disease

The first chip made you second guess a real break it made you retell yourself fiction of how it could have come to this you were nothing if not tense until you looked for a way to numb the pain away a temporary fix a phone number a private text a kiss and suddenly the cavity … Continue reading Scum disease

Flight Risk

Kids. Everybody is a kid- Nobody knows what they want … We all play a safe role A role we stole, a role we bought A role we were forced into Aprons, habits, cloaks and dishonor Neckties worn by leather crews… Monocle and moccasins upon us We’re afraid of each other’s shoes Kids. And followers. Everybody is weak.- Scared of … Continue reading Flight Risk

Global pep talk

You’re looking for a map But it is before you, can’t you see? chemicals react with other ones that fit like gloves unworn delicately and here you are with fancy feet and discouraged because twinkle toes has past its popularity but never fret my sweet remember everything, everything belongs here all of it fits and evolves … Continue reading Global pep talk