Corporate forest

  Butterfly gets here and gets away with everything that I want Butterfly steals chances and choices like hearts in the dark Butterfly tells lies and I know they’re lies because they are all about me Butterfly figures out how to dish it all out and I’m sitting here waiting For my turn There’s always a reason … Continue reading Corporate forest

Cereus Bitch

I don’t envy you at all quite frankly, Lily of the Valley, Because you will die if it rains too hard… You, who grew up in your two income, two parent household You, who always had loving arms and a bed and who never went without food You, who received all the care and devotion any child … Continue reading Cereus Bitch

The Inky Tribe

We are Former slaves and Presidents Drug dealers and Pediatricians Children of the hood who became Wall Street Tycoons Labeled and degraded and feared Yet artistic and poetic and beautiful We are From Kenya and Haiti and Detroit From the dirt and the suburbs From everywhere even Mexico and Ireland Hated and misunderstood and disrespected … Continue reading The Inky Tribe

The sin of grinning

There once was an unsophisticated rabbit who did nothing all day but hippity hop. She hopped to and fro, mad with glee and enjoyed every minute of it. You really ought to learn some other tricks, stupid rabbit, shrieked the owls. Instead, she hopped. You’d be so much better off if you could do more, … Continue reading The sin of grinning

Wicked Something

My upper lip snarling, eye brow raised, upset is not the word I am looking for Heart beat accelerates, finger tapping pulsates, can’t she see I am staring through her soul? I hate the way she eats and thinks and looks and talks and acts I don’t like her when she wears short skirts, long … Continue reading Wicked Something