Keyboard Therapy

Short term sunshine slain Staring out the window at remnants of rain Tasting the opposite of the quiet side of plain He may never come again the wind sang Knowing through experience teetering insane Wishing revisits with nothing new to gain The darkness of evening moments shades the pain He may never come again the wind sang … Continue reading Keyboard Therapy

Door Bell Chimes

By how far in you are allowed upon meeting determines exactly where you may stand when words confuse simple situations your presence remains unplanned after a row and no storm out suggests that you are willing to stay through the boring and the shallow the crises and mundane just a hand on a hip without … Continue reading Door Bell Chimes

Fistful of sand

I do not have to be alone. But I must. Options are never ending; I could circle back without warning and recycle I could request formal introductions from friends or troll websites full of psych surveys I could post up at the end of the bar, waiting, to catch prey on the fly I could … Continue reading Fistful of sand

Never unblocking you

There is something a little bit wrong with all of us. We fail a lot as a group. These failings are not good or bad just tools used to learn more about ourselves and the spectrum of light That we float through… So when I tell you what you want to hear Whispering it softly … Continue reading Never unblocking you