Ghost Cat Purr

You’re the son of the goddess of fortune, clearly. I guess that I should finally open these couple of packages. Seems like they have been on the edge of my bed forever, next to those stupid furry red restraints… Waiting for you. There’s always someone baby…someone who gets hurt. I hung out with a friend … Continue reading Ghost Cat Purr

Fresh Pearls and bacon

C’è una cospirazione globale da qualche parte Qualcuno è stato stuprato prima che qualcuno venisse ucciso Alcuni governi sono stati indeboliti mentre alcuni bambini vengono trafficati e sono qui, seduto su spilli e aghi, raschiando via la mia pelle, mordendo le unghie dei piedi verso il veloce, preoccupato e nervoso come l’inferno- Piangendo e ascoltando … Continue reading Fresh Pearls and bacon

Ping Pang Qiu

I can’t stop so Yesterday was like the first day I excite him and still I am nothing I couldn’t keep my heart to myself His walk turned me on Yet he doesn’t know I’m alive Why isn’t his company plenty? For a second it was magic. Soon though I will wonder When will I … Continue reading Ping Pang Qiu


It’s not my fault it’s the season. I want to punch you and I want to love you. Come to me, sugar monster. Something about now, something about this has me teetering the ledge. It’s not my fault its the cycle. I want to kiss you and I want to hurt you. Come to me, … Continue reading Treacle


In 2012, I walked through hell with a mean monster wasting time as it flew In 2013, I left for greener pastures scared my life would always be blue In 2014, I met a sneakier monster who couldn’t give me enough In 2015, His stalking helped me decide that I would just give up on … Continue reading Underscore