The Guilt Free Life

No longer using leeches No longer polluting the beaches Mass Interweb connection Sex no longer requires protection Bread sans gluten Genetically modified humans Figured out how to drive an electric car Consistently raising the technological bar No longer drinking urine Damnation of the Centurion Shoes without carbon footprints 37 year olds still living off their … Continue reading The Guilt Free Life


Its only worth the paper that its printed it on so I wrote it in the sky Every single part of your body always kept me high I loved you monster, I really did as much a heartless woman could You’re a horrifying disappointment, the very absence of good Doesn’t stop me from missing your … Continue reading Screenshots


I get what I want, I always do Anything can happen you know its the truth I can have whatever I choose———————– I could be the keenest microbiologist sitting way too close to disease I could be the kindest politician trying to decide between money and my constituents needs Anything can happen you know its … Continue reading Chavinismdeamore