Meat hooks

I wanted to be seen with you, until you finally agreed to do it and now, I just want to be naked with you, at home all of the time instead. Interesting, I know. Not because I’d be embarrassed or you would be but because I don’t want to share you. I want you to … Continue reading Meat hooks

Pico Bolivar

I stare at your mountain from the bottom and I’m scared You’ve started growing out of the bulbs of my hair I put my feet up in stone crevices and pull my body’s weight No innocents have been damaged during this cursed phase I’m too high up the hill now to survive a fall I wasn’t … Continue reading Pico Bolivar


All twisted in knots not sure if I’m doomed Do I stand on top of or lie underneath you Do I treat you the way that I treat every other man Or do I twiddle my thumbs until you open your hand Do I find a replacement for the nights I am cold Or do I chastise … Continue reading Antigen