She said I’m disgusting and I am acting out Meanwhile everyone else in the room wants to get to know me He loves me beyond a shadow of a doubt But she is getting her rocks off by scolding Everybody’s using every body is using everybody using me… She said I am rude as a … Continue reading Junkanoo


The womanizer has a woman now The picky princess has a pliable prince The gold digger has his husband with endless pockets The serial monogamist just bought a new home that came with kids They stand in a circle around me Holding hands and looking down Wondering how I could still be sampling When the … Continue reading Veisalgia

Pretty Females in Jail

I was so jealous when I met her So jealous of her face So jealous of the designers labels scattered around her place So jealous of her perfect skin So jealous of her manicured toes Jealous of her mannerisms Her cunning confidence shows… With her husband within earshot She said, Developing a personality is something … Continue reading Pretty Females in Jail