Skinned knees

At the risk of sounding foolish I needed you so much that I didn’t feel whole without you. And I hated it. I hate you for allowing yourself to be my human addiction for so long watching me clinging on to the person that you pretended to be. At the risk of sounding foolish I … Continue reading Skinned knees


I woke up this morning,  a goddess And on my leisurely constitutional with the wind and the road You were encountered I saw the real you, through the rags I saw the real you, through the muck and the mud And as is my nature I stooped To lift you. To love you. To put … Continue reading Valerie

One Foot Out

I always leave. It’s what I am good at. He twists his mouth to say go and I was packed and out the door before his lips formed a “Guh”. Leaving. I do what I do. I’m extraordinary at exits. He isn’t even sure if that is what he wants But I will make the decision for him and Bounce. … Continue reading One Foot Out


Hearing that news was like being in the Mojave when its 117 degrees Fahrenheit and dropping the last spoonful of Dulce de Leche ice cream ~ cream-side down, onto a Cocker Spaniel hair covered shag carpet- it cannot be retrieved and you have suffered a loss. You will burn to death, dying of thirst covered in little brown dog … Continue reading Smudge

Buzz Kill

Sometimes I wonder who exactly is running this little experiment… What have they done to me? Was I kidnapped and taken to a lab by moonlight Was a Pavlovian trigger implanted into my psyche in a dream state And now as a part of the research I have been asked to run to and from the … Continue reading Buzz Kill