Chords are changing Improvisational riffs Traversing all paths between the beginning and the cliff This one is my hip hop, gritty and real That one is my jazz with a melodious feel The other is my hard rock headbanging mischief The latest is the electronic rhythmic mystic Nothing consistent over the bass yet it fits But it … Continue reading Philophiliac

In the blood

He walks into the room and asks me Mom Have you heard the new Alicia Keys? Ain’t no accidents, ain’t no accidents… He goes on, I know that you like her because you always listen to her songs and I just wondered Have you heard the new Alicia Keys? And I remember the first person … Continue reading In the blood


If my dream had been melody instead of poetry… Another path on the page of creativity- singing for mercy instead of writing Very only on, for right or for wrong my vibration wrapped in a cadence of song no scrambled letters just mixed up tones I’d be exactly the same but more sins to atone … Continue reading Aria

The jazz of life

To me, people vibrate If we click we resonate the same high frequencies like radios blaring white noise in the right ratios If your megahertz isn’t acoustic We won’t make any good music- Unheard A Capella adrift like smoke signals, missed Treble is useless to my bliss I need melodies that feel kissed sounds tuned … Continue reading The jazz of life

Dying Art

Dedicated to my former bandmates in DMUK… RapMusix2013Tribute-Dying Art ( Beat- Florida style booty bounce music circa 1997 with samples of The Imperial March All Rights Reserved, LucasFilms) (Video- Landscape looks like Mars if Mars had a subway station. Half naked girls in a variety of skin tones, shapes and heights,wearing bikini tops and monkey … Continue reading Dying Art