All twisted in knots not sure if I’m doomed Do I stand on top of or lie underneath you Do I treat you the way that I treat every other man Or do I twiddle my thumbs until you open your hand Do I find a replacement for the nights I am cold Or do I chastise … Continue reading Antigen


And I can let him go… even though he saved me and then he put me in a closet, pressed in a book out of view like a dead flower and pulled me out every once in a while, wiping off the dust, smiling and then returning me to the closeness of yellowing pages in the darkness … Continue reading Loyalty


Before yet another year Yet another day Yet another dawn Before I can grow and move on I have to take one last look At where I’ve fucked up Take a glance at the wrong I’ve done So in another day Another dawn Some good can come I’m not sorry about what I’ve learned I’m still testing … Continue reading Expiation

Feeling Zaffre

No sweet brow sweat No lunging forward No backtracking from missteps No pale knuckled prayers No trials and errors No begging and pleading No trying to forgive yourself No hang overs or peddling back No wincing at lost wishes Just perfect lunches and high fives Sitting together arm and arm Sighing slowly and laughing Look … Continue reading Feeling Zaffre

The Drifter

You watch them smiling at you And all you see is teeth You try to explain your frustration and your fan club can’t believe They were born confident and satisfied They were raised on wholesome content You were born under a  dark rain cloud Your sickness is determined and intense You say, Hail this, hail that, … Continue reading The Drifter


October In the morning when I wake I’ve had all I can take and the sun lets me start again. I don’t think you understand That I took a stand and I can’t sit here waiting for the coming judgment down from you Nothing left but live to do So I stay longer awake…. Instead, … Continue reading oCtObeR