I’m watching you sedating Constantly debating Regurgitating – What’s wrong with the world I’m listening to you hurl I’m listening to you swirl hateful words you recently learned Now you mad about our past and whats so sad is your lengthy gasp as you relive unwilling to forgive every horror, every martyr every sickness, every … Continue reading Preforate


A whole lot of anything On its own with no ambition can transform itself by improving Its collaborative position They tend to search for magnets find other┬álosers to use and now stronger than individuals The whole heap needs something to prove some way to alienate the disconnected Stuck together like pastries do reborn into a … Continue reading Monkeybread

The Inky Tribe

We are Former slaves and Presidents Drug dealers and Pediatricians Children of the hood who became Wall Street Tycoons Labeled and degraded and feared Yet artistic and poetic and beautiful We are From Kenya and Haiti and Detroit From the dirt and the suburbs From everywhere even Mexico and Ireland Hated and misunderstood and disrespected … Continue reading The Inky Tribe

Ancient Indecisions

I’m never happy when I’m sober I never like it when you’re here too long Or you try to sing the song, after hearing it once So you are just mouthing the words, with no idea what you are saying and you are staring at me for some kind of validity, hoping maybe I will … Continue reading Ancient Indecisions


And when I am alone and it’s midnight, I lie in bed and wonder if there are other animal species out there that discriminate in the same ways that we do. I wonder if there are other carbon based creatures on the bubbling water ball who systematically set out to disenfranchise their own brothers because … Continue reading ZOOLOGIST

Privilege Blindness

Remember when You lived with your mom’s And she reminded you fifty times You didn’t own anything there And she would take you out if she had to Cause you’re one of her things too. remember when you got so mad At your father, because he wouldn’t listen Put you on punishment Took your stuff … Continue reading Privilege Blindness