Chip away at it… Keep grabbing more handfuls off with your mind Keep biting away at it… Drown it regularly until it erodes over time Keep shoveling way down deep into it… Throw the parts that impede you off to the side Pick away at it … Keep telling me the love that you’re feeling … Continue reading Splintery

Sententious Bitch

  She’s lost all her family, her buddies, her men She can’t tell you how because nobody hears She’s so condescending and so independent That even her tears seem errily twisted.. Lizard pelt responses Everything’s implied Subtly controlling you Manipulation shines You hate the fact you love her Since you failed to subdue her You love the fact you hate her Since you want to … Continue reading Sententious Bitch

After breakfast

You taught me that that energy is equal to mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. And he taught me how to crack a crab leg to get the most meat in one try. Je vous aime tous les deux. Les deux- You taught me that Shakespeare said, “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” … Continue reading After breakfast

Dreadnought Fail

You act like you don’t love me but I am the only human thing about you. Howl. Screech. Wail. You pretend that you love me because I am a reflection of your face. Grimace. Wince. Stare. You contact me because there isn’t anyone sentient nearby aware. Think. Brood. Lie. But he But he But he … Continue reading Dreadnought Fail