God to Me

I want to be that bitch but apparently I’m this bitch. I want to control the universe but obviously I am leaning toward death. So I lean forward and I kneel to pray and I suck his dick again. I want to hold him still but I know that any quiet is bull shit. I … Continue reading God to Me

Saltpeter Rain

The perfect way that hydrogen collides with oxygen to quench my thirst The musical way that you play me like 4 chords and the bass note hurts The way that just a trace element of selenium is all that my body needs The way that even your softest touch has me involuntarily prostrating The wind sweeping over everything … Continue reading Saltpeter Rain

Running on E

And just maybe, a kiss from Pisinoe has the same effect that clearing off brake dust has… And just maybe, a hug from Aglaope before the sun rises has the same effect that replacing your timing belt has… And who knows, just maybe, spending the night with Thelxiepi has the same effect as removing the terminal … Continue reading Running on E