You’re right half of the time So I hunt you but not to have you because if I ever got you I’d just release you And I’m right half of the time and I know that wishing and itching I hunt you trying, aching, dying- but not to own you promising and overtly lying- because … Continue reading Cacciatore

Alan Watts

He hit the buzzer. I hit the bowl and skipped to the door. This shit ain’t important though…. Like I’m a fucking big ass child. This shit ain’t important though. When I know I’ll see him I know I’ll smile. This shit ain’t important though….. I’d done neither in a while. He came through it … Continue reading Alan Watts

Job Description

Perhaps I’m more than just a lover but only slightly less than a wife- Because that irritation that you need to feel with her, with me, exits life.. Perhaps you want me to stay, always, but simply cannot say… Too much bullshit forever wrecklessly at play- Perhaps I’m that awesome space between the two, in … Continue reading Job Description