The Upside

I don’t have to lie or build rapport for free I have nobody to blame when results are shaky Don’t expect a damn thing so I see through fake shit Don’t have a master to pretend to be enthusiastic with I can move and grow when I feel I should I can foster connections when … Continue reading The Upside

Blue Kermit

I’m irritated because the whole of civilization has trained itself to lie to itself. I don’t conversate, I converse- I don’t run game game don’t run me and I actually think games, like tricks, are for kids. I couldn’t give a fuck if someone doesn’t like my make up my size, my music, my name, … Continue reading Blue Kermit


  He can’t resist natural instinct… I was standing on the street corner Looking like I look and popping gum, and he saw me and licked his lips. Unfightable. He didn’t even know why though- But he never let reason stop him So he approached and said Follow me I didn’t even know why though- … Continue reading Palaeo-Hebrew