Red Tape Victim

Before I used to read the directions Caution look before you leap… Before I followed the recipe I wish oh please I beg- Before I only did what I thought everyone expected of me Caution slippery when wet… Before I feigned smiles and hid glances I wish oh please I need- Before I didn’t believe … Continue reading Red Tape Victim


Before yet another year Yet another day Yet another dawn Before I can grow and move on I have to take one last look At where I’ve fucked up Take a glance at the wrong I’ve done So in another day Another dawn Some good can come I’m not sorry about what I’ve learned I’m still testing … Continue reading Expiation

Self Portrait

There’s a woman who trusts in astrology and thinks that the universe supports her She likes poetry and never re-gifts anything and loves traveling on the spur She’s entirely too tall to feel so small as she does when someone dares to love her She likes sapphire rings and has crazy mood swings and drinks til … Continue reading Self Portrait

Fucking Vanity

You can absolutely be “sexy” at 73 after having spent your entire existence perfecting your look so that you slightly resemble a 45 year old and yet be completely empty inside. YOU ARE THE MOST GORGEOUS EMPTY BOTTLE ON THE SHELF, SUGAR. You’ve spent a lifetime, essentially washing and waxing and detailing a vintage car … Continue reading Fucking Vanity