Am I helping or hurting him you and myself Why are we sneaky ass predators moving so stealth why do we trick each other all of the time I don’t mean clothes or makeup or hair or wine I mean pretending that we want to be there at all When really the person we want … Continue reading Groupon

Tippy Top

He’s one of those lion cubs taught while he was very young to never become an indebted one Its sweet that at only twenty three He thinks that he can ever pull the wool over me I know that he doesn’t want freedom or he wouldn’t let me drink his cum or his cute coat wouldn’t be … Continue reading Tippy Top

Saltpeter Rain

The perfect way that hydrogen collides with oxygen to quench my thirst The musical way that you play me like 4 chords and the bass note hurts The way that just a trace element of selenium is all that my body needs The way that even your softest touch has me involuntarily prostrating The wind sweeping over everything … Continue reading Saltpeter Rain

70 Dollars USD

I’d have gambled it baby, bought Brazilian hair, or copped some floral perfume I would have found someone else or other nonsense to spend it on besides you But nothing else that I could buy, not ecstasy, not cocaine, not weed Can do me how you do me and so cheaply, so cheaply… nearly free You’re running rival … Continue reading 70 Dollars USD