I’m sometimes stumbling, sometimes crawling inside this girl She’s my whole world She’s sometimes breaking or carrying me I navigate the universe made up of this same girl She’s my whole world But I don’t think she cares at all to really know me She can change, she can change, she does change she ages … Continue reading Twinkies

Soulless Bard

With everything in it’s place I happened upon an empty space And tried to fill it with you But a fool is too small to fill the hole at all So I added a lover or two Nothing was working The abutments weren’t hurting But the relationships became goo So it’s vacant again Perhaps the void is my … Continue reading Soulless Bard

False Pretenses

Oh nawl…oh yeah I want the best for you, “boo”- Get your groove, but keep it calm and cool… Don’t dance, don’t dance, don’t dance so smooth Yeah I like YOU ma, I love YO style I see you shining all bright and proud But don’t dance, don’t dance don’t dance so wild Girl go ahead and follow your dreams … Continue reading False Pretenses