Job Description

Perhaps I’m more than just a lover but only slightly less than a wife- Because that irritation that you need to feel with her, with me, exits life.. Perhaps you want me to stay, always, but simply cannot say… Too much bullshit forever wrecklessly at play- Perhaps I’m that awesome space between the two, in … Continue reading Job Description


I’m sometimes stumbling, sometimes crawling inside this girl She’s my whole world She’s sometimes breaking or carrying me I navigate the universe made up of this same girl She’s my whole world But I don’t think she cares at all to really know me She can change, she can change, she does change she ages … Continue reading Twinkies

Soulless Bard

With everything in it’s place I happened upon an empty space And tried to fill it with you But a fool is too small to fill the hole at all So I added a lover or two Nothing was working The abutments weren’t hurting But the relationships became goo So it’s vacant again Perhaps the void is my … Continue reading Soulless Bard